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No rhinos poached in Majete for 15 years

In the 15 years since DNPW’s partner African Parks assumed management of Majete Wildlife Reserve and reintroduced rhinos, not a single one has been lost to poaching. This is a fantastic result, considering that rhinos had been poached out of the park by the 1970s and elephants by the 1990s.

When African Parks took over in 2003, Majete had become devoid of nearly all wildlife, with the forest being felled for charcoal. No one had visited the park in the previous three years and not a single dollar was coming in from tourism. Since 2003, 2,500 animals have been reintroduced and translocated to Majete, making it Malawi’s only Big Five destination. An overhaul of law enforcement and community engagement has resulted in a significant and steady decline in the number of poaching incidents and last year, more than 8,000 tourists brought in vital revenue to the park and local communities.

Majete is a shining example of what can be achieved when environmental organisations, local communities and the government work together to protect their natural heritage.