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DNPW Director Brighton Kumchedwa wins prestigious Tusk Award

Our very own DNPW Director, Brighton Kumchedwa, won the K19.5million Tusk Award for Conservation on October 4, 2017. Brighton was in the running against Nigeria’s Nachamada Geoffrey, who is responsible for anti-poaching raids in Yankari Game Reserve and Kenyan Serah Mungati, who advocates for conservation in the Tana River Delta.

The Tusk Award is given to an individual who has been judged to be emerging as a leading conservationist in recognition of their outstanding contribution to, and considerable success, in their chosen field.

Brighton has spent his entire career at DNPW, starting as a Parks Officer before working his way up to his current position. Brighton says: “during my career I have sadly seen us move from a period of plenty in terms of wildlife to a period of huge losses. We must work every day to ensure that our wildlife and forests are not lost. The wildlife crisis we are facing is terrifying, but we are in a position to make a difference, before it is too late. That’s what I remind myself every day.”00