The Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) is one of the departments under the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining and is responsible for the management and conservation of wildlife resources in Malawi. Our mission is to conserve and manage protected areas and wildlife for present and future Malawians through enforcement of wildlife legislation, adaptive management, effective monitoring and governance.


  • To reduce illegal wildlife use
  • To reduce human-wildlife conflict
  • To raise awareness of wildlife conservation and management, and promote private sector involvement and stakeholder participation
  • To promote wildlife research and monitoring
  • To improve and develop protected area infrastructure
  • To minimise the effects of climate change on wildlife and protected area boundary communities
  • To raise awareness of issues such as gender and HIV and AIDS in wildlife conservation and management


  • Protect and manage wildlife protected areas (PAs) to prevent over exploitation and extinction of resources.
  • Combat illegal wildlife trade.
  • Promote community participation in the conservation and management of protected areas and wildlife, while ensuring they share the costs and benefits of conservation.
  • Promote public understanding of and encourage support for conservation of wildlife resources.
  • Generate wildlife data as a basis for wildlife conservation and management, planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Conduct problem animal control and support the rescue and rehabilitation of animals where appropriate, with the aim of minimising human-wildlife conflict near protected areas and in other locations.
    • Regulate all wildlife management activities conducted by government agencies, NGOs, private establishments and individuals.
    • Facilitate international, interagency and local co-operation in conservation initiatives.
    • Contribute to the development of tourism by hosting concessions and providing the wildlife resource on which ecotourism depends

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  • To report wildlife crime call DNPW on 01759833
  • For wildlife rescues call Lilongwe Wildlife Trust on 088 44 88 999
  • Participate in protected area management
  • Participate in problem animal control activities.